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F&T Livestock Market - Show-Me Select Replacement Heifer Sale
Live Event Started: 12/10/22 12:30 PM (CST)



Status Closed
Lot Opened 12/9/22 6:29 PM (CST)
Lot Closed
12/10/22 11:30 AM (CST)
Live Event Started 12/10/22 12:30 PM (CST)

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Government officials in Turkey are trying to quell fears of more quakes as rescue and recovery operations continue and people have limited access to housing, goods and services (@CNBC)
Sean Payton to make 'in the neighborhood of' $18 million per season as Broncos head coach (USAToday)
China admits spy flight spotted over Latin America is theirs, claims it 'deviated' off-course (Fox News)
NATIONAL CATTLE TRACKER: The largest steer and heifer string sold on Monday was 164 steers (813#) from Tina, Missouri at $187.75. The second largest string was 146 steers (815#) from Joplin, Missouri at $182.60
NATIONAL STEER TRACKER: The largest steer string sold on Monday on the National Steer Tracker (700-899#) was 164 steers (813#) from Tina, Missouri at $187.75. The average price for the top 10 steer strings sold on Monday was $185.61
Gas prices down 5 cents this week to $3.44, unchanged from last year. Diesel prices down 8 cents this week to $4.54, up 59 cents from last year
U.S. CATTLE REPORT: Joplin calf prices highest in a year; Beef cow inventory lowest in 61 years; Boxed beef finally gets a bounce; Feeders up $1.60; Hogs get hammered; Cattle slaughter starts week slow at 120K
New Cash Highs... The negotiated fed cattle trade occurred Friday late and prices increased sharply, $2.92/cwt above the prior week. That is a new high for the move. Packers came into the week in need of inventory and even though they paid up big time, their coffers were not fully replenished (The Beef)
BEEF COW INVENTORY BY STATE: Beef cows, at 28.92 million head, are down 1.065 million head from a year ago. This is the lowest beef cow inventory in the U.S. in 61 years (since 1962)
DAILY CATTLE SLAUGHTER: Monday slaughter at 120K head, compared to 121K last week and 123K last year (U.S. CATTLE REPORT)
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