Lot 80a

Wheeler Angus - Inaugural Production Sale
Live Event Started: 12/11/21 12:00 PM (CST)


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Weekly hog slaughter reported at 2.34 million head, compared to 2.29 million last week and 2.3 million last year. YTD slaughter at 73.5 million head, down 3.6% from last year (EWMP)
PORK PRODUCTION: Weekly production reported at 495.9 million pounds, up 1.9% from last week, up 1.7% from last year (EWMP)
CATTLE WEIGHTS: Live weights reported this week at 1,345 lbs., up 1 lb. from last week, down 8 lbs. from last year (EWMP)
BEEF PRODUCTION: Weekly production reported at 528.2 million pounds, down 2.6% from last week, up 0.2% from last year (EWMP)
Weekly cattle slaughter reported at 651K head, compared to 669K last week and 644K last year. YTD slaughter at 20.1 million head, up 1.2% from last year (EWMP)
Weekly red meat production reported at 1.027 billion pounds, down 0.5% from last week, up 1.0% from last year (EWMP)
MEAT PRODUCTION: The United States has produced 16.6 billion pounds of beef and 15.5 billion pounds of pork so far in 2022 (EWMP)
DAIRY MARKETS AT A GLANCE: Milk is readily available for cheese producers throughout the regions. Spot milk prices in the Midwest ranged from $5 to $1 under Class III
Quiet Day; Strong Week... The negotiated cash cattle market has really shined, gaining $1 to $2 bucks on the second consecutive week of active volume. Even the south traded at $140. This morning the USDA posted the WTD total sales at 97K and last week was 103k head (The Beef)
MEATBOARD PM: Boxed Beef Choice: $263.37 (+0.27); Pork Carcass: $121.83 (-1.48); Chicken Breast: $225.86 (+0.91)
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