Lot 1799-16 - '19 Alfalfa 1st 3x4 Shedded Excellent. Duchesne UT

[06/26/19] American Ag Video Auction - Nationwide Hay Auction

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Category Hay


324 Bales. 219 Ton. 9 Loads. 1350#/Bale. Bright green, leafy, palatable, medium stemmed irrigated new crop high desert Utah alfalfa baled with a steamer machine to hold in leaves and flake beautifuly, this is perfect for horse hay buyers as well as dairy or beef operations, there are a few weeds and a little grass in some bales which is unavoidable with first cutting hay, very hard to find any good hay yet this season so if you need it here it is! Reputation grower, scale nearby, easy back haul freight out of Salt Lake City. This hay is American Ag Guaranteed.