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Lots for [11/14/18] American Ag Video Auction - Nationwide Hay Auction

Timed Auctions with a Live Close

Bidding on all Timed Auctions with a Live Close will be suspended one hour before the Live Close is set to begin. Any bids that you have placed during the Timed Auction will be represented when bidding resumes. If you are approved to bid during the Timed Auction you will also be able to bid during the live close. Please contact us with any questions.

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1609 26 1c466651250dcfb0b5898a004e6e6577 Lot 1609-26 - 2018 Grass 3rd 3x3 Supreme Tarped. Riverton WY

75 Bales. 30 Ton. 1.5 Loads. 800#/Bale. Fancy fine stemmed soft palatable horse hay. This is extremely hard to find supreme, covered, grass, irrigated, green and dry. No mold or caramel evident,...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $275.00
1609 25 458f60980277661bffbed5ac14210238 Lot 1609-25 - 2018 Alfalfa 3rd 3x3 Supreme Tarped. Riverton WY

120 Bales. 51 Ton. 2 Loads. 850#/Bale. Here it is! Reputation grower dairy or horse alfalfa, high desert Riverton WY hay! Soft, bright green, palatable, very fine stemmed and leafy, no mold or...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $190.00
1885 12 af2859ab17e645a89232dc20963471b8 Lot 1885-12 - 2018 Alfalfa 3rd 3x3 Supreme Shedded! Preston ID

170 Bales. 76 Ton. 3 Loads. 900#/Bale. Top notch dairy or horse hay from a reputation grower and inside the shed, doesn’t get much better than this, soft, fine, palatable, leafy, irrigated, high...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $150.00
1885 10 67b94636b8b9848b51e2fbcd0905fe47 Lot 1885-10 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 3x3 Irrigated Shedded Supreme. Preston ID

55 Bales. 24 Ton. 1 Loads. 850#/Bale. As fancy as it gets and in 3x3 squares this hay is everything you want, shedded, soft, fine, palatable, bright green, baled nice and dry and with a dew to hold...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $152.50
3894 1 80220b7230b0d978ea5fcdd71ff5ec05 Lot 3894-1 - 2018 Grass 2nd 3x4 Premium! Toston MT

78 Bales. 52 Ton. 2 Loads. 1350#/Bale. Fancy bright green brome grass horse hay, a little alfalfa in some bales and some have a little Orchard grass, very fine soft and palatable hay as pretty as...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $142.50
3892 1 2e04c89850bbdf545fc63656d6c3d190 Lot 3892-1 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 4x4 Irrigated Excellent. Powell WY

130 Bales. 99 Ton. 5 Loads. 1525#/Bale. This is top notch beef hay, leafy, palatable, fine to medium stems, a little streaking but does not affect quality, here is a great opportunity for beef and...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $115.00
3892 2 424e5238ee737d7a70ad771f95fa63f8 Lot 3892-2 - 2018 Haybet Barley 1st 4x4 Irrigated Excellent! Powell WY

96 Bales. 76 Ton. 4 Loads. 1585#/Bale. Very nice beardless hay barley, soft and palatable, no noticeable mold or tobacco and packed full of kernels, here is top notch beef hay to grind or feed...

  • Category: Hay
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1425 11 29ce16ebd8a78adc4f6cb29fe4e110d1 Lot 1425-11 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Premium. Burlington WY

108 Bales. 68 Ton. 3 Loads. 1250#/Bales. Bright green soft fine irrigated horse or dairy hay, full of leaves and fine stems this fancy high desert WY hay is what you are looking for! No mold or...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $135.00
3350 3 bf991047e3411eb852eb21ff40ad94f0 Lot 3350-3 - 2018 Orchard Grass/Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Irrigated Premium Shedded! Vale OR

48 Bales. 30 Ton. 1 Loads. 1250#/Bale. Fancy fancy top notch horse hay that sits in the shed till the truck arrives, approximately 60/40 Orchard/Alfalfa. Soft, fine, palatable, clean and weed free,...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $162.50
2027 6 b02e9fa5d56b0964f76002e85b83df93 Lot 2027-6 - 2018 Orchard Grass/Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Tarped Premium! Vale OR

102 Bales. 64 Ton. 3 Loads. Beautiful irrigated horse quality hay as fancy as it gets, covered well, very fine stemmed, bright green, dry, soft and palatable high desert Eastern Oregon Orchard...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $155.00
3572 1 b7cec07e2eb5533aa40e1878d82ff018 Lot 3572-1 - 2018 Grass 1st 3x4, Certified Weed Free, Excellent. Powell WY

284 Bales. 176 Ton. 8 Loads. 1240#/Bale. Certified Weed Free. Soft fine and palatable Smooth Brome Grass Hay, horse or beef quality, some discoloration and brown stem but overall nice hay. No mold...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $100.00
3550 1 2e43c7299ff18ecf77d180853d66f2e4 Lot 3550-1 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Irrigated Premium Tarped. Vale OR

216 Bales. 140 Ton. 6 Loads. 1300#/Bale. Fancy dairy or horse alfalfa, leafy, dry, bright green, fine to medium stemmed, baled right with dew. Top notch hay by reputation growers. Located Apprx 5...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $150.00
3408 4 df77bf78650478b97a435323ff9185a8 Lot 3408-4 - 2018 Grass/Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Irrigated Covered Premium! Belgrade MT

72 Bales. 45 Ton. 2 Loads. 1250#/Bale. This is beautiful mixed grass and alfalfa (Apprx 50/50) some bales contain more grass and some a little heavier alfalfa, all bright green and fine, palatable,...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $150.00
3570 1 fdfa3fffe4eeaddf0a114ec28a4a3798 Lot 3570-1 - 2018 Alfalfa 3rd 3x4 Supreme Shedded. Beulah WY

48 Bales. 36 Ton. 1 Loads. 1495#/Bale. Fancy all the way, this kind of hay is hard to find and the kind you want to buy, bright green, fine stemmed, leafy, palatable, irrigated and sits in the shed...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $172.50
2384 6 3ca6bce7c01ea56c0d9c12aea860b603 Lot 2384-6 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Irrigated. Spearfish SD

168 Bales. 107 Ton. 5 Loads. 1275#/Bale. Good beef hay, some color with discoloration, leafy, medium stems, this is an ideal opportunity for buyers not needing the fanciest hay but good hay for...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $95.00
2235 23 3b79caf8de05d4b4a94c294245f8b456 Lot 2235-23 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Shedded. Vale SD

172 Bales. 110 Ton. 5 Loads. 1281#/Bale. Excellent beef and possible horse hay, baled dry but leaves are inside bale, some a little stemmy with a bit of discoloration but still very good hay, fine...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $92.50
2235 24 850f73e5dac48721be14fb4f5e8c17bb Lot 2235-24 - 2018 Millet 1st 3x4 Excellent Irrigated. Vale SD

292 Bales. 183 Ton. 8 Loads. 1255#/Bale. Top notch millet hay, baled dry and right, full of grain this is very good hay, no mold or caramel evident, stacks are covered well with hay caps, no...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $80.00
3598 2 85fc1b27dd442f2f41ebd8deafc66a08 Lot 3598-2 - 2018 Oat Hay 1st Round Net Excellent. New Underwood SD

106 Bales. 76 Ton. 3 Loads. 1450#/Bale. Very nice oat hay, good color, soft stems and full of oat heads, good value high energy feed! No mold or tobacco evident, excellent beef opportunity to roll...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $70.00
3598 1 2737cab2827617e3ba0e5e93e2ee8bf5 Lot 3598-1 - 2018 Triticale 1st Round Net. New Underwood SD

136 Bales. 98 Ton. 4 Loads. 1450#/Bale. Good solid bales, full of grain, fair color with discoloration, not moldy or caramelization, great beef hay to roll out or grind. Ideal beef deal, scale...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $80.00
3495 1 46f6b58755a5e149409d6f28722208a7 Lot 3495-1 - 2018 Forage Barley 1st Round Premium. Union Center SD

438 Bales. 364 Ton. 13 Loads. 1660#/Bale. Top notch beardless forage barley hay, solid net wrapped bales, cut at the perfect stage, baled dry and beautiful, plenty of green color, soft and...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $85.00
2909 4 9076643aab72cce1b62d39208ee83098 Lot 2909-4 - 2018 Alfalfa 3rd Round Irrigated. Dawson ND

820 Bales. 676 Ton. 27 Loads. 1650#/Bale. Excellent hay, full of leaves, good color with some discoloration from humidity. Might as well put good protein and feed value hay on the truck and here it...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $90.00
2371 9 03345cf23b74459304d9188f053aa3a2 Lot 2371-9 - 2018 Alfalfa 2nd Round Irrigated. Grand Island NE

510 Bales. 460 Ton. 17 Loads. 1800#/Bale. Excellent beef hay, cut at mid maturity and bloom, baled on the dry side but leaves are inside bale, fine to medium stems, fair color with some discolored...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $105.00
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