Lot 9043-2

[09/10/19] Western Video Market - Satellite Sale

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Breed Description: mostly BLK-Hided, few RED, CHARX

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Additional Information

Head Count / Sex 75 Heifers
Base Wt 650
Location Venice, UT; 10 mi S of Salina
Delivery Date 09/12/19 - 09/18/19
Breed Description mostly BLK-Hided, few RED, CHARX
Origin Purchased
Cert Co 0
Var Fairly Even
Frame Medium
Flesh Medium
Bangs 0
Implants 0
Feed Corn Silage, 4# of Rolled Corn and Alfalfa. High forage grow ration to gain 2# per day
Shots 8-way, Pyramid 5, Once PMH IN, Dectomax Injectable
Shot Programs NONE
Weigh Early AM gather out of pens, sort,, weigh on ground, 3% shrink
Slide .10 off @ 1# over base weight.
Mkt/Rep PRODUCERS LIVESTOCK-SALINA, UT - Wayne Cowley (435) 979-3725 -


75 Heifers


Comment: This is a strong set of backgrounded calves ready to go. Best sort out of 80 head.