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McCook/Tri-state Livestock Auction

Event Begins: 1/12/18 1:00 PM (CST)


Tri-State Livestock MCCOOK, NE

January 12th 2018@1:00




100 blk 1st calf hfrs-AI’d-poured-start calving Feb 25th--------------------Whipps Land & Cattle

  68 blk 1st calf hfrs-AI’d to Leachman Bulls-start calving Mar 1st--------Jim & James Howard

  60 blk lst calf hfrs-bred blk- ultra sound-start calving Feb lst for 40 days-------G & A Farms

  30 blk 1st calf hfrs-bred blk gelbvieh-start calving mid Feb---------------------------Bob Hrnchir

  30 blk & bwf 1st calf hfrs-bred blk-start calving Feb 23rd-----------Art Koetter & Matt Sellers

  22 blk 1st calf hfrs-bred blk--------------------------------------------------------------Happy Hills Inc

  14 red angus 1st calf hfrs-bred red angus-start calving Feb 22-----------------------Arlie Nelson




  90 blk cows-5 yr to broken-bred blk large bulls-start calving Mar 1st--Jim & James Howard

  80 angus cows-all ages-bred & AI’d to angus-Calving Jan 15th –have all shots-------------------

       ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jim,Roger, & Chet Ely

  65 red angus cows-bred red angus-start calving Feb 28th-----------------------------Arlie Nelson

  50 blk & char x-solid to broken--bred blk & char-start calving Mar 10th----------Rick Sexson

  40 blk cows-bred sim & angus-start calving Mar 10th----------------------------------Bob Stinson

  40 blk cows-broken-bred blk-start calving Mar 15th for 60 days----------Haag Land & Cattle

  35 blk cows-4-7 yr olds-bred blk-start calving March 10th-------------------Tom & Jill Hansen

  32 blk cows-2nd calvers-bred blk-start calving Feb 7th-Guardian & V4+VL5 shots, poured,

       dewormed--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marty Wheeler

  30 blk cows-running age-bred blk gelbvieh-start calving mid Feb------------------Bob Hrnchir

  25 blk cows-solid mouth-bred blk-start calving March 15th-----------------Mark & Mary Farr

  25 blk cows-running age-bred blk-start calving March-------------------------------Rocky Hayes

  20 blk & red cows-running age-bred blk & red-start calving Feb 1st ------Bob & Julie Stahly

  20 blk cows-bred blk-start calving Feb 15th---------------------------------------------Randy Peters

  17 blk cows-2 to 5 yr olds-bred Schurrtop Char-calving Mar 10th for 60 days- guardian

      shot--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marc Rasmussen

Seller Contact Information

PO Box 705
1810 West Old Highway 6 & 34
McCook, NE 69001
United States
(308) 345-1493
(308) 345-1494
(308) 345-1498
(308) 345-3340

Auction Location

McCook/Tri-state Livestock Auction
Old Highway 6 & 34
McCook, NE 69001
United States
(308) 345-1493

Lot Information

Livestock market events do not have pre-set sale lots. They create their lots on-the-fly during the sale. Lot information is unavailable pre-sale

Terms and Conditions

There are no event-specific terms and conditions defined, but company-wide terms and conditions still apply