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North Platte Livestock Auction

Event Begins: 12/5/17 9:30 AM (CST)


NORTH PLATTE LIVESTOCK AUCTION NORTH PLATTE, NE HOLLY ROESER 308-534-1200 OR 308-530-8357 DEC. 5, 2017 -THROUGH THE RING- 140 Fancy Blk Strs & Hfrs 475-550#, Weaned Longtime, (Mostly Hfrs) P/C. Green, Even, Replacement Quality, Bunk Broke, Home Raised, K/C, Brand Vaccinations, Reputation, PRESTON HUTCHISON 130 Mostly Blk/Bwf (Few Rwf) Strs & Hfrs 550-675#, P/C, Weaned Over 30 Days, Green, Bunk Broke, Replacement Quality, Gentle, Poured, Reputation PAUL ORR 120 Fancy Blk Strs & Hfrs 575-650#, Home Raised, Spring Vaccinations, Strictly Green, Reputation, K/C, Replacement Quality DANCER FARMS ___________________________---VIDEO SALE---___________________________ 80 Fancy Blk/Bwf Strs Base Wt. 650#, P/C, Weaned 60 Days, Green, 15¢ Slide Up - 5¢ Slide Down, 2% Shrink on Truck (48 Mile Haul), Sort from 150 Steers, K/C, No Implants, Reputation, Home Raised, Delivery Dates Dec. 9th - Dec.15th 2017, Immediate Delivery, Bunk Broke GALEN SHERMAN VALENTINE, NE _______________________________________________________________________ -THROUGH THE RING- 60 Fancy Mostly Blk Strs & Hfrs 550-650#, P/C, Boostered, Wormed & Poured, Green, Home Raised, (3.9# Avg Since Weaning), Weaned 67 Days, Bunk Broke MIKE MACFEE 50 Fancy Blk Strs 550-675#, P/C, Boostered, Weaned, Wormed, Bunk Broke, Green, Home Raised, Reputation DAN HUEBNER 40 Fancy Blk/Bwf Hfrs 500-600#, P/C, Weaned, Bunk Broke, Replacement Kind, Home Raised, No Implants, Wormed, Green, Reputation KIM & JANELLE BLAKE 30 Fancy Blk Strs & Hfrs 500-650#, P/C, Home Raised, K/C, Weaned, Strictly Green, Bunk Broke TIM TYAN 30 Fancy Mostly Blk Strs 500-600#, P/C, Boostered, Poured, Bunk Broke, Green, Weaned, Home Raised, K/C, Reputation MILLER - COFER 30 Blk/Bwf Bred Cows, Bred to Blk Daigger Bulls, Poured in Summer, Home Raised, Start March for 90 Days, Nice Set of Calves Every Year MIKE FOLCHERT

Seller Contact Information

Holly Roeser
PO Box 1535
2200 East 8
North Platte, NE 69103
United States
(308) 534-1200
(800) 252-2855

Auction Location

Holly Roeser
North Platte Livestock Auction
PO Box 1535
North Platte, NE 69101
United States
(308) 534-1200

Terms and Conditions

There are no event-specific terms and conditions defined, but company-wide terms and conditions still apply

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