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Lots for [01/10/18] American Ag Video Auction - Hay Auction

Timed Auctions with a Live Close

Bidding on all Timed Auctions with a Live Close will be suspended one hour before the Live Close is set to begin. Any bids that you have placed during the Timed Auction will be represented when bidding resumes. If you are approved to bid during the Timed Auction you will also be able to bid during the live close. Please contact us with any questions.

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2235 17 bb7587b55b4177420d6cd4d4011dd8e0 Lot 2235-17 - 2017 Alfalfa 3rd 3x4 Irrigated Shedded Premium! Vale SD

122 bales. 85 ton. 3 loads. 1400#/bale. Beautiful dairy or horse quality hay inside the shed until you send the truck, full of leaves, bright green, fine stems, heavy solid bales, no noticeable...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $155.00
2235 16 076a6ece44272c1131b8d57b71a2da3b Lot 2235-16 - 2017 Alfalfa 2nd Round Net Irrigated. Vale SD

92 bales. 69 ton. 3 loads. 1500#/bale. Excellent quality net wrapped rounds of beef or horse hay, good solid bales, no mold or carmel evident, baled right, nice green color, medium stems. Good leaf...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $145.00
1830 14 1979d7cd41b38423c8ae97bdb0937004 Lot 1830-14 - 2017 Alfalfa 2nd 3x4 Irrigated Premium Tarped. Minatare NE

195 bales. 121 ton. 5 loads. 1250#/bale. Top notch bright green fine to medium stemmed dairy or horse quality hay, full of leaves, no mold or carmel and very clean and weed free! Some bales...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $150.00
2860 1 be3d1daa4e4e0d8a6f28b9f4451ca716 Lot 2860-1 - 2017 Alfalfa 3rd 3x4 Irrigated Premium! Great Falls MT

195 Bales. 136 ton. 5 loads. 1400#/bale. Here is beautiful dairy or horse quality high country Montana Alfalfa! Baled a little dry but leaves are holding well to the stems and inside bale....

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $145.00
1425 4 ae179143b29f59dc7585e776112ee71e Lot 1425-4 - 2017 Orchard Sm. Square, 1st Irrigated Tarped Supreme! Burlington WY

3726 bales. 98 ton. 6 loads. 53#/bale. Beautiful horse quality, this grower puts up hay for the high end horse market, race tracks etc. Bright green color! Here is a hard to find top end horse hay...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $160.00
1425 3 b380c858803a8b5f7a9a12b63deabcb8 Lot 1425-3 - 2017 Orchard/Alfalfa Sm. Square, 1st Irrigated Tarped Premium! Burlington WY

1692 bales. 50 ton. 3 loads. 60#/bale. Beautiful horse quality, this grower puts up hay for the high end horse market, race tracks etc. A little discolor on some of the stems but does not affect...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $150.00
1795 8 da3137a3d60cec12f82ca0d73d54a8c0 Lot 1795-8 - 2017 Alfalfa. 1st. 3x3. Irrigated. Shedded. Rexburg ID

171 bales. 77 ton. 3 loads. 900#/bale. Excellent hay, good green color, leaf retention is excellent, no mold or caramel evident and no dust noticeable. Stems are medium. Good horse or dairy or beef...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $147.50
2370 10 ae3bb6db1513882e39bb4e69812f6509 Lot 2370-10 - 2017 Alfalfa, 2nd, 3x3. Bath/Aberdeen, SD

160 bales. 57.6 apprx ton. 3 loads @ 57 bales. Aprpx bale weight- #720. 2017 Alfalfa, 3x3, 2nd. 2017 Alfalfa, 3x4, 2nd. Fair quality beef cow or grinder hay, color is fair, leaf retention fair with...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $95.00
2370 8 f33981b9eed0365fd71c3549d05c4828 Lot 2370-8 - 2017 Alfalfa, 3x4, 2nd. Bath/Aberdeen, SD

130 bales. 87.5 apprx ton. 3 loads @ 39 bales. Apprx bale weight- #1350. 2017 Alfalfa, 3x4, 2nd. Fair quality beef cow or grinder hay, color is fair, leaf retention fair with most baled on the dry...

  • Category : Hay
Sold For $90.00
1425 1 b2dd582272813e5cac5491ae801dae71 Lot 1425-1 - 2017 Alfalfa 1st 4x4 Irrigated. Burlington WY

155 bales. 108 ton. 6 loads. 1400#/bale. This is fair beef hay, stems are medium, hay got too dry but most leaves are still inside bale, not a lot of green color, no mold or tobacco, this is good...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $85.00
1981 3 fdce6ea0beef68a696e21e479018b0e4 Lot 1981-3 - 2017 Alfalfa 3rd Round Net Irrigated. Loup City NE

136 bales. 98 ton. 4 loads. 1450#/bale. Excellent beef alfalfa hay, winter is here and this kind of good quality hay is getting harder to find! Fair leaf retention and color, fine stems, some baled...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $80.00
2420 3 9e49e7c1111b6fc64d25757e7cda1a4b Lot 2420-3 - 2017 Alfalfa, 3rd. Round. Net. Minot/Towner ND

34 bales. 22.61 ton. 1 loads. 1330#/bale. Excellent quality dairy beef or horse hay! Nice green color with a little discoloration on some leaves and stems, Excellent leaf retention and fine stems,...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $102.50
2358 5 725721c5f6eb0251276c61f8d5adacaf Lot 2358-5 - 2017 Oat Hay, Rounds. Net wrapped. Estevan SK Canada

420 bales. 357 ton. 12 loads. 1700#/bale. This is excellent beef hay, not moldy or dusty, baled right, a few weeds, medium stems. Nice opportunity for buyers in drought areas. Scale nearby. Solid...

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $87.50
2235 15 ce31546175ff7d720a5039ae6260a23f Lot 2235-15 - 2017 Soybean Straw, net rounds. Nisland SD

68 Bales. 44 ton. 2 loads. 1300#/bale. Nice clean bean straw/hay baled behind a straight cut combine, not dirty, no mold. Great beef cow feed to blend in a ration. Tight solid net wrapped bales.

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $80.00
1503 101 ece4a49029dbca8cc9d054e924336d76 Lot 1503-101 - 30' Portable Windbreaks. Belle Fourche SD

30' x 9' Portable Windbreak. Free standing, easily moveable with simply a loader bucket. Best in the business here! These won't create a drift in front, rods included to hook multiple together....

  • Category: Hay
Sold For $810.00
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