Lot 8 - KKKG ALL IN 630D AMAA #471389

[03/30/17] AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale [Online Only] - AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale


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Lot Opens 3/29/17 12:00 PM (CDT)
Lot Closes 3/30/17 8:33 PM (CDT)
Base Price $1,700.00
Minimum Bid Increment $50.00
Extension Time 5 minutes

Bidding status last updated at: 5/22/18 10:37:53 PM (CDT)
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Additional Information

Dam Reg Num 420077
Sire Reg Num 429575
Ced 10
Bw 1.7
Ww 53
Yw 76
Mk 18
Tm 44
Rea 12.68
Mb 0.34
Test Adg 4.02
Fat 0.32
Act Sc 31.5
Location Of Animals KANSAS BULL DEVELOPMENT - 9760 Onaga RD, Wamego, KS (Brian Hagedon - (785) 458-2137


Take the gamble out of your next calf crop with KKKG All In 630D.? With just a 77 pound birth weight he exploded to a 706 pound Adjusted 205 weight (ratio of 128).? He also di not disappoint in the feed trial gaining 4.02 pounds per day.? If you look at his EPD's they follow the same suit being in the top 15% for CED and the top 10% for WW and YW.? He is also in the top 10% for CW and the top 4% for Marbling.? His super uddered mama has had a bull we retained for our use and we sold a heifer to Wisconsin last year.? Study the numbers and his out cross pedigree and go "All In" with your bull purchase.