Lot 6 - DJ X MILLIRON D621 AMAA #471060

[03/30/17] AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale [Online Only] - AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale


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Status Closed
Lot Opens 3/29/17 12:00 PM (CDT)
Lot Closes 3/30/17 8:33 PM (CDT)
Base Price $2,000.00
Minimum Bid Increment $50.00
Extension Time 5 minutes

Bidding status last updated at: 4/22/18 7:36:52 AM (CDT)
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Additional Information

Dam CVC Kall 64Y
Sire GDC Reprint
Ced 8
Bw 0.9
Ww 53
Yw 77
Mk 19
Tm 46
Rea 14.45
Mb 0.16
Test Adg 4.09
Fat 0.43
Act Sc 32
Location Of Animals KANSAS BULL DEVELOPMENT - 9760 Onaga RD, Wamego, KS (Brian Hagedon - (785) 458-2137


Lot 6 is a double bred half Maine. Top 10% WW and YW, excellent body and spring of rib. Hes a ET Son out of a great uddered GVC Donor.