Lot 4 - MVH MONTANA POWER 051D AMAA# 471182

[03/30/17] AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale [Online Only] - AMAA Maine Max Performance Tested Bull Sale


Sold for $3,500.00

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Additional Information

Dam Reg Num AN16611186
Sire Reg Num 388733
Ced 12
Bw -0.3
Ww 71
Yw 105
Mk 20
Tm 55
Rea 17.87
Mb 0.36
Test Adg 4.97
Fat 0.37
Act Sc 32
Location Of Animals KANSAS BULL DEVELOPMENT - 9760 Onaga RD, Wamego, KS (Brian Hagedon - (785) 458-2137


#1 ADG bull on test!? #2 REA bull on test!? Moderate birth bull with an elite EPD profile that you will have to look hard and long to beat!? Here is the % breakdown for some of his EPD?s.? Top 5% CED, Top 20% BW, Top 1% WW, Top 1% YW, Top 15% Milk, Top 10% REA and Top 4% Marbling!? Not only a superior numbers bull, this Synergy 50% MaineTainer has as much rib capacity as any bull on test, good length of spine, huge topped and the natural thickness Maine cattle are known for.? MVH Montana Power will add growth and carcass value to your cows without sacrificing eye appeal. O?Hara Land and Cattle is retaining 1/3 semen interest in MVH Montana Power 051D.