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Lot 2370-1 - 2016 3rd, Cut, Alfalfa, 3x3, Aberdeen, SD

[03/22/17] American Ag Video Auction - Hay Auction


Sold for $65.00

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Category Hay


Very leafy soft and fine alfalfa hay, this will make excellent beef hay to feed straight or grind, stacks are not covered so this otherwise beautiful hay will have a little mold, carmelization and damage. Buyer takes this hay strictly as-is, this is an opportunity to buy some excellent hay with high nutritional value at a possible discount. Don't overlook this! Hay is located aprx 5 miles East and 2 miles North of Aberdeen SD. Please allow at least 24 hr notice to load, hay to be removed within 30 days of sale, after 30 days AAVA reserves the right to schedule freight at buyer's expense, after 45 days if not removed hay will be re-sold. Scale nearby with good access.


54 Bales/Load* 1 LOAD UNRESERVED Bale Weight 800 lbs. Total Available = 567 Bales 10.5 Loads *Based on a 48' Trailer Estimated Tons 226.800 *****HAY IS SOLD ON A PER TON BASIS, Buyer must take a minimum of 1 semi load, HAY MUST BE REMOVED IN 60 DAYS, WE WILL RESELL OR ARRANGE TRUCKING AT AT BUYERS EXPENSE*****