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Custer State Park - Bison Online Bid-Off

First Lot Opens: 1/4/16 7:00 AM (CST)
Last Lot Closes: 1/8/16 5:44 PM (CST)

Auction Closeout

All lots will close at the same time. Bidding will be extended if a bid is placed on any lot near the closing time. The extension time can be found on the lot details page.

Seller Contact Information

Chad Kremer
13329 US Hwy 16A
Custer, SD 57730
United States
(605) 255-4804
(605) 431-0057

Auction Location

Custer State Park
13329 US Hwy 16A
Custer, SD 57730
United States
(605) 255-4515

Terms and Conditions


1.      Custer State Park is offering 20 head of bison calves, 10 bulls, and 10 heifers, for sale by internet auction. This offering is for a spring pick up (early March). The calves were weaned the week of October 25th, 2015. They were back grounded on a free choice dehydrated alfalfa pellet and hay with supplemental Naturalyx protein tubs for approximately 100 -120 days. The calves will be 9-10 months old at the time of receipt.

2.      The minimum prices are as follows:

Bull calves -                $1,640.00 each, United States dollars
Heifer calves -             $1,130.00 each, United States dollars

3.      All animals in this offering are F.O.B., at Custer State Park Corrals.

4.      These calves have not seen any grain or grain based feed through their weaning.  They are eligible for “grass fed programs”.

5.      Purchasers will be notified when they may take delivery of their animals. An early March pick up date is anticipated. Purchasers must take delivery within 10 business days of notification.  After said 10 days, purchasers will be charged $5.00 per head/per day/holding charges, or $20.00 per day, whichever amount is greater.  Also, after 10 days following notification, Custer State Park will not be responsible for any damages to animals.  Custer State Park will not be responsible for expired health tests.

6.      All calves will be tested negative for brucellosis according to South Dakota standards.  Heifer calves will be presented as non-vaccinated for brucellosis, and may be tested for TB, blue tongue, and Anaplasmosis upon buyer’s written request at buyer’s expense. Custer State Park will be responsible for costs of brucellosis tests only, and Custer State Park will be liable for the results of brucellosis, TB, blue tongue and Anaplasmosis tests only.  Purchaser will be responsible for the cost of all tests except for brucellosis, and will be liable for results of any other tests requested beyond TB, brucellosis, Anaplasmosis and blue tongue.  Additional testing may be done at Custer State Park corrals. Official Calf hood Vaccination (OCV) for heifers will be provided at no charge, in lieu of brucellosis test for heifers, upon buyer’s written request.

7.      A personal or certified check or money order, payable to Custer State Park, for 30% deposit of full bid amount is due within 10 days of close of auction. The balance is due upon pick up or within 10 days of notification, whichever comes first.

8.      Custer State Park will sell the above identified bison calves to the highest responsible bidder(s). Custer State Park has the absolute right to reject any and all bids and re-advertise for proposals   


9.      That as to the default obligations and liquidated damages contained herein and in submitting its bid as required by this notice, purchaser acknowledges and agrees that:

a.       at time of submitting its bid, the damages to be suffered by Custer State Park in the event of default of purchaser are incapable, impractical and/or very difficult to accurately estimate due to the many variables and possible expenses and damages to be incurred by Custer State Park in mitigating its damages;

b.        due to the nature of the variables and possible expenses and damages to be incurred by Custer State Park that the provisions contained hereafter constitute a reasonable endeavor by the parties to fix fair compensation to Custer State Park for the default of purchaser;


c.         the liquidated damages provided for herein bear a reasonable relation to the probable damages incurred by Custer State Park and are not disproportionate to those reasonable, anticipated by the purchaser and Custer State Park;

d.        in the event purchaser defaults in performance of its obligation, purchaser and Custer State Park agree that in their endeavor to fix a fair compensation to Custer State Park, the damages suffered by Custer State Park are equal to the negotiated 30% deposit submitted by purchaser with his bid and that Custer State Park is authorized to and shall retain such sum in total as liquidated damaged in full settlement of any and all damages it may suffer as a result of purchasers default; and

e.        in the event that Custer State Park is unable to complete the delivery of its calves as provided herein for reasons beyond its control, Custer State Park shall refund, without interest, the deposit to the purchaser which shall relieve Custer State Park of all obligations and responsibilities to purchaser.