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Year to date, 39% of the fed cattle slaughter has been heifers, most since 2004 (NFU)
BEEF PRODUCTION: Weekly production reported at 514.5 million pounds, down 4.6% from last week, up 0.5% from last year (EWMP)
USDA Acreage Report: Corn planted area for all purposes in 2022 is estimated at 89.9 million acres, down 4 percent or 3.44 million acres from last year. Soybean planted area for 2022 is estimated at 88.3 million acres, up 1 percent from last year
NATIONAL CATTLE TRACKER: The largest steer and heifer string sold this week was 535 heifers (792#) from Fredonia, Kansas at $169.25. The second largest string was 353 steers (784#) from Carthage, Missouri at $168.75
NATIONAL CALF TRACKER: The largest calf string sold this week was 202 heifers (499#) from Enid, Oklahoma at $197.75. The average price paid this week for the top 10 calf strings was $184.45, compared to $192.63 last week
NATIONAL STEER TRACKER: The largest steer string (700-899#) sold this week was 353 steers (784#) from Carthage, Missouri at $168.75. The average price for the top 10 steer strings sold this week was $175.58, compared to $166.96 last week
Bottom... After making a new low for the move this week of $131.70, the lowest since June 1, August LC futures shot sharply higher today and closed higher on the week. Futures had become oversold and were trading below the 10 and 40-day moving average (The Beef)
MEATBOARD PM: Boxed Beef Choice: $263.82 (-0.18); Pork Carcass: $108.75 (+1.50); Chicken Breast: $298.12 (-3.50) (Pork ends up only down 28 cents from Monday; Chicken falls under $300)
CME LIVESTOCK: Live Cattle: $134.60 (+2.025); Feeder Cattle: $174.50 (+0.90); Hogs: $102.975 (+0.875); Milk: $22.34 (-0.48) (Cattle Futures Rallying on Cheaper Feed)
CME GRAINS: Corn: $7.545 (+10.75); Soybeans: $16.26 (-49.00); Wheat: $8.3125 (-37.50); Cotton: $103.68 (-0.26)
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