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Lots for Verdigre Stockyards - Special Kolach Days Sale 11:00am Weigh-ups 9:30am (6)

Live Event Started: 6/11/21 10:00 AM (CDT)
* Prices listed are unofficial. Contact sale management for official sale results
Chad_Kreeger - 100 Red Strs and Hfrs 700-900 lbs
CooperLandandCattle - 11 Fall Bred Cows

Cows coming with 3rd calf. Bred to Hereford Bulls. Cake Broke. Poured. October 1st calving date for 60 days.

Greg_Miller - 32 Black S-H 600-700 lbs
Jason_Schwindt - 65 Mainly Black S-H 450-650 lbs
Rose_Shefl - 40 Mainly Black S-H 500-700 lbs
Tamzen_Jenkins - 100 Mainly Black Bulls and Hfrs 200-350 lbs Off Cows
OKC WEST: The highest price paid for STEERS (700-899#) at OKC West this week was $165.00 for 8 head (717#). The second highest price paid for steers was $164.00 for 27 head (730#) (VIEW REPORT)
OKC WEST: The average price paid this week for the top 10 calf strings at OKC West was $173.75, compared to $167.50 last week. (VIEW REPORT)
OKC WEST: The average price paid this week for the top 10 steer strings at OKC West was $153.05, compared to $151.49 last week (VIEW REPORT)
Real-Time Index: $154.96 (+0.14) -- The RTI (7-day cash feeder cattle average) is $4.24 LOWER than the nearby futures ($159.20) (CHANNEL 709)
OKC WEST: The largest string sold this week at OKC West was 254 steers (794#) at $153.50. The second largest string was 244 heifers (758#) at $147.40 (VIEW REPORT)
REAL TIME PRICES: The largest CALF string sold in the last 7 days was 94 heifers (451#) from Lexington, Kentucky at $165.00 (VIEW PRICES)
CATTLE TRADE: In the Western Cornbelt live purchases have traded steady at 125.00 compared to Tuesday, and a few dressed purchases have traded 198.00, however not enough dressed purchases for a full market trend (VIEW REPORT)
It is also no surprise that the worst crop conditions are coming from the Western Corn Belt where rains have been the sparsest. Conditions improve considerably as you move East where reports of “best crops ever” are starting to surface (AgriVisor)
National Feedstuffs Market Review: Kansas City soybean meal down $8; Nebraska DDG's up $14.50 (VIEW REPORT)
The USDA reported DDG's (Kansas -T) at $190.00, compared to $187.50 last week and $130.00 last year
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