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Next Event for Verdigre Stockyards:
1/22/21 9:30 AM (CST) View Details

Verdigre Stockyards - Regular Cattle Sale-Weigh-ups 9:30 am Feeder Cattle 11:00 am

Live Event Started: 6/19/20 10:00 AM (CDT)

Seller Contact Information

88178 NE HWY 14
Verdigre, NE 68783
(402) 668-2246 Barn
(605) 660-4549 Sarah Anthony
(605) 661-8724 Matt Van Driel
(402) 394-8965 Galen Guenther
(402) 340-5173 Larry Cooper
(402) 360-3035 Kasey Wagner
(402) 569-2549 Shane Carson
(402) 750-1691 Aaron Kruger
(402) 668-2247

Auction Location

Verdigre Stockyards, LLC
88178 Highway 14
Verdigre, NE 68783
(402) 668-2246

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Lots will be created during the sale. Pre-sale consignment information will be posted on this page when available. For additional information, please contact sale management.

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There are no event-specific terms and conditions defined, but company-wide terms and conditions still apply

Upcoming Events for Verdigre Stockyards

1/22/21 9:30 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards - Special Bred Female Sale 11am Weigh-ups 9:30am
1/29/21 9:30 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards - Regular Cattle Sale 11am Weigh-ups 9:30am
2/5/21 10:00 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards - Special Feeder Cattle Sale 11 am Weigh-ups 9:30 am
2/12/21 10:00 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards
2/17/21 5:00 PM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards
2/19/21 10:00 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards
2/26/21 10:00 AM (CST) Verdigre Stockyards
The National Rifle Association has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection (USAToday)
U.S. CATTLE REPORT: Meat Production, Livestock Comments, Top 25, Calf Tracker... (VIEW REPORT)
TOP 25: The largest steer and heifer string sold this week was 364 steers (760#) from Gering, Nebraska at $141.75 (VIEW REPORT)
South Coffeyville Stockyards (South Coffeyville, OK) reports 101 Steers (650 lbs) @ $144.00 (01/15 3:59 PM CST)
It has been clear for nearly ten months that cattle feeders have little to no leverage as packers have willed the market in the direction they desire (Andrew Griffith)
South Coffeyville Stockyards (South Coffeyville, OK) reports 103 Steers (522 lbs) @ $164.00 (01/15 3:50 PM CST)
Livestock Comments: Livestock Comments: Corn futures increase by more than $1 (VIEW REPORT)
Calf prices appeared to be slightly stronger this week compared to last week while feeder cattle prices were softer. Slaughter cow and bull prices were also softer compared to a week ago (Andrew Griffith)
Corn futures prices have increased more than $1 per bushel since the middle of December. If it is assumed that an animal will consume 50 bushels of corn while in the feedlot then the $1 increase in price means it will cost $50 more in feed costs (Andrew Griffith)
Wholesale beef prices received a nice bump this week for both Choice and Select grade beef. The strength in the market is being led by the rib and loin primal, which are both more than $11 per hundredweight higher than last week (Dr. Andrew Griffith)
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