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Boxed Beef AM: Choice: $260.82 (+1.87); Select: $243.90 (+0.00); Ch/Se Spread: $16.92; Total Loads: 34 (Choice over $160 on very slow movement)
CME LIVESTOCK: Live Cattle: $133.90 (+1.55); Feeder Cattle: $167.50 (-0.525) Hogs: $104.925 (+3.725); Milk: $24.11 (+0.28) (USDA confirmed cash sales last week from $138 to $146)
CME GRAINS: Corn: $8.015 (+20.25); Soybeans: $16.5375 (+7.25); Wheat: $12.475 (+70.00); Cotton: $149.93 (+4.73) (Trade ideas for US soybean planting progress are running 30-33% through Sunday)
Oil giant Aramco reported a more-than 80% jump in net profit Sunday, topping analyst expectations and setting a new quarterly earnings record since its IPO. Net income rose 82% to $39.5B in the first three months of the year, up from $21.7B over the same period last year.
STOCK UPDATE: Dow 30: 32,202.44 (+5.78); Nasdaq: 11,699.44 (-105.56); S&P 500: 4,013.44 (-10.45) (Stocks Moderately Lower On Global Growth Concerns)
NBW STREAMING: Joplin Regional Stockyards (WATCH LIVE NOW)
Beef Balance Sheet. Beef production in 2023 is projected at 26.02 billion pounds, down a WHOPPING 1.89 billion pounds from 2022! Cattle prices are projected up $12.90 in 2023 to $153.00
LIVESTOCK COMMENTS: There is a tremendous quantity of cattle on feed, which may be the reason cattle prices are softening and failing to push higher during a time when cattle prices seasonally strengthen
NATIONAL STEER TRACKER: The largest steer string (700-899#) sold last week was 204 steers (846#) from El Reno, Oklahoma at $150.00. The average price for the top 10 steer strings sold was $157.26, compared to $156.66 the previous week
NATIONAL CALF TRACKER: The largest calf string sold last week was 107 heifers (477#) from Glasgow, Montana at $192.50. The average price paid this week for the top 10 calf strings was $206.53, compared to $179.90 the previous week
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